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Your Thoughts Matter

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You are part of an interconnected universe of energy that links you to everyone and everything – a universe where thought is the basis of creation. You change possibilities into reality by drawing to you the manifestation of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions.

This book encourages you to consciously create the life you would love to have.

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This book has 25 Reflections and Affirmations designed to empower and inspire you to create the life you would love to live. You are the creator of your own life and it all starts with your thoughts.

The book includes information on what science, in particular, quantum physics, tells us about the importance of thought.

Your thoughts affect your health, wellbeing and create the future. Who you are today is a product of your past thoughts and actions. What you are thinking and feeling today creates your future.

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1 review for Your Thoughts Matter

  1. Anne-Marie Donis

    I loved this book . So inspiring and thought provoking . A very helpful self help book which would be ideal for mindfulness and manifesting activities .
    Make sure you buy the inspirational
    cards and journal to go with it ..

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