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The Spirit Within

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What is the Spirit Within? There is no single answer to that question. It can be so many things, and not only do people have their own interpretations, but it can also mean different things to the one person. 

The Spirit Within is the fourth book in the We Inspire Now Anthology Series created by Antoinette Pellegrini. 

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The authors in this book have all gone on their own journey to find the spirit within. For some, it is the inner drive, the life force that gets you up in the morning and helps you to keep going, despite the challenges life sometimes brings. For others it is their music, or reconciling their beliefs and their religion. It can be deeply spiritual, involving experiences that some would describe as ‘beyond normal’. Or it may be finding passion and purpose, but perhaps for all, it’s about getting in touch with their core, who they are deep within. 

The book encourages the reader to look within, and discover what the ‘spirit within’ means for them. 

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3 reviews for The Spirit Within

  1. Rob

    Great read! Highly recommend

  2. Anne-Marie Donis

    All the Authors in this book wrote incredible stories from their own personal journey that are both inspiring and relatable .
    I highly recommend this anthology from Antoinette Pellegrini’s We Inspire Now collection .

  3. Mariyam

    Antoinette, when I read your story, it felt like I was reading my own thoughts. I was a devoted religious girl with a rebellious stream of doubts in my mind. Thank you for sharing your story.

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