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A Story About Our Connected World

This is a story about Bobbie, the sandcastle, and how he discovered that although he was different to the other sandcastles, he was connected to them all.
Our world is like that too.
You are special and no one else is like you. Yet, you are connected to everything else in our world.
How wonderful is that!
Activities are included for children to explore their own connection with the world around them.
Hardcover and paperback versions are available. Click ‘Type’ in store to select the version you would like.

Your Thoughts Matter

The Future You Are Creating Starts Now

This book has 25 Reflections and Affirmations designed to empower and inspire you to create the life you would love to live.  You are the creator of your own life and it all starts with your thoughts.

The book includes information on what science, in particular, quantum physics, tells us about the importance of thought. 

Your thoughts affect your health, wellbeing and create your future. Who you are today is a product of your past thoughts and actions. What you are thinking and feeling today creates your future.

Also in the
Your Thoughts Matter Series

The Affirmation Cards

The Affirmation Cards correspond to each of the reflections in the Your Thoughts Matter book.

You may wish to choose an Affirmation Card with the intention of it providing you with possible insight on an issue or situation you are currently experiencing and then read the corresponding Reflection in the Book and write down your feelings and intended actions in the Journal.


Also in the
Your Thoughts Matter Series

The Reflection Journal

The Reflection Journal corresponds to each of the reflections in the Your Thoughts Matter book, and the cards in the Affirmation deck..

The Journal provides you the opportunity to write down your thoughts and feelings on each Affirmation. It includes prompter questions which encourage you to think about and write down actions you intend to take to assist you to achieve your goals and to consciously create the life you would like to live.

You may wish to read a Reflection or chapter in Book and then use this Journal to write down your thoughts, feelings and reactions.

We Inspire Now Anthology Series

Created by Antoinette Pellegrini

The series enables people who wish to be authors, the opportunity to publish their stories and inspire others.

All three books in the series have been nominated as finalists for the International Book Awards
at the 2019, 2021, and 2022 American Book Fests.

Live Your Truth

10 Personal Stories to Inspire You to Live Your Passion

It is never too late to live your truth. Ten inspirational men and women from middle age right up to 96 share their stories about overcoming hardships and difficulties to pursue their goals, discover who they are, and live their own truth. In so doing, they hope to inspire you to do the same. Live Your Truth is the first book in the Inspire Now anthology series, created by Antoinette Pellegrini