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Hi, I'm Antoinette Pellegrini

I'm an Author, Educator, Mindset Coach, and a Self-Publishing Consultant.

About Me

I am an Author,  Self-Publishing Consultant and Founder of We Inspire Now Books, which specialises in helping authors self-publish their motivational adult and children’s books.  

I am also an Educator and  Mindset Coach.  I am passionate about helping people to feel better, become happier, more fulfilled, and achieve their goals through changing negative and self-sabotaging mindsets to a more positive and empowered approach to life. Through my business The Thought Connection, I offer client programs, and workshops designed to help people achieve their goals and live more positive lives.

How you think affects your health, and well-being and is what creates your future self and circumstances. I write about this in my first book, Your Thoughts Matter.

I have become very interested in exploring the power of writing to heal the author and inspire the reader. I am now offering self-publishing services for authors of motivational adult and children’s books.

Contact me for personal consultations and programs, information about workshops or if you would like assistance self-publishing your motivational adult or children’s book.

For a moment, close your eyes and imagine how you would love your life to be. You are the creator of your life and it all starts with your thoughts.

My Books

The Thought Connection

Helping You To Live a More Postive and Empowered Life

A New Mindset For Positive Living

Why Your Thoughts Matter

Everything starts with our thoughts. This is not a new discovery. At around 500BC, the Buddha, said “We are what we think. … With our thoughts we make the world.” Thoughts are the basis of what you are creating in your life. Nothing can be done or achieved unless you think of it first.

Science tells us that everything is energy, and our thoughts are an energy wave, going out to the universe and attracting like energies back to you. But even more than that, our thoughts set off chemical reactions in our bodies. Your thoughts are a signal to your body to release chemicals such as dopamine (happy hormone), or cortisol and adrenaline (stress hormones), which have the potential to cause physical and mental illness if left unchecked for long periods.

Thoughts repeated create neural linkages and become embedded as beliefs and behaviours. Habits can be hard to break and take effort and time to change – you literally need to create new neural linkages in your brain. But don’t fake it till you make it –you need to believe it. Your thoughts can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Every thought is an affirmation – either positive or negative. What is your self-talk saying to you about yourself? If your thoughts are not positive, you can change that. It is your choice.

You are in control of what you think and how you respond to what happens to you, and that is a power no one can take away from you. Embracing the fact that you are in control of your thoughts is the first step to empowered living. Our thoughts really do matter.

Achieve Your Dreams

We Inspire Now Books

Helping You To Self-Publish Your Motivational Book

Write To Heal, Publish To Inspire

Self-Publish Your Own Book!

My aim is to help you produce a high quality book that retains your voice and is the best you can create – a book that you will be proud of.

We Inspire Now Books specialises in helping authors self-publish their adult and children’s books that are motivational, inspirational or have a positive message to share.